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Virgo Group is a renowned manufacturer of Home Décor Products based in India. With our strong conviction for excellence and philosophy of striving for perfection, we combine innovation with our hard work to overcome every challenge in the industry. Our range of exclusive range of product solution including Laminates, PVC, ACP, Plywood, Aluminium and Door skin, we have spread our wings to other locations around the globe. Now you can reach us in China, USA, Malaysia, and Singapore for our various premium quality products and services. As one of a leading Home Décor Manufacturers, we believe in delivering high-end products to our clientele.

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lam spotless
lam pvc
lam syncro
lam metal
lam abco
lam cromaply
lam croma
lam digital
lam corby
lam cromapvc
lam corbypvc
acp antifire
acp al
acp hpl
acp sleek
lam croma


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