May 22, 2019

Versatile and Durable – Mica Sheet and Its Varied Applicability!

Virgo Mica Sheet

Decorating houses is not an easy task. While most concentrate on merely uplifting the overall appeal of the house, many usually fail to check for quality materials. Doors, windows, and roofs also play an essential role in enhancing the overall look of the house in addition to providing comfort. And mica sheet is the latest element, which has caught the craze of interior decorators as well as individuals. Mica laminates are highly versatile that are used across different sectors as well as industries. It makes the perfect tooling material for insulators, and there are a plethora of advantages served. Covering of mica sheet for plywood is also greatly popular as it prevents the furniture from getting spoiled. So, herein, let’s just take a quick peek into its advantages and properties to know how they render you the desired look for your house:

Temperature Resistance

As noted, the mica sheet offers a myriad of benefits, and considering its extensive properties of temperature resistance and supremely adaptable nature, makes many opt for it. Especially in the summer season, which is extensive in our country, this covering the door with mica sheet opportune good riddance from facing the brunt of the sun god, thereby preventing damage. Mica laminates and mica sheets are known for their resistance to high temperatures, and thus work as good insulators for furnace floors as well as other areas. One can find the application of mica sheet in household appliances and products, which require an electrical heating element. Another application is covering doors and other furniture with laminates made of mica for plywood. As it is widely known that plywood is highly vulnerable to heat and water, which causes it to expand, thereby taking away the show! Using mica sheet for plywood covering renders the furniture the desired protection from heat, thereby increasing the shelf life of the furniture.

Plenty of Choices to Pick from

Mica laminates are created by gluing together many strands of thin kraft paper under high pressure and heat. And hence, they constitute one of the popular elements for covering. Additionally, they occur in a varied color combination. So, there is no dearth of choices for one to pick from.

Great Choice for Home Décor

Whether you are decorating your kitchen or computer rooms, mica laminates make an ideal choice to corresponding your home décor elements with the theme. Moreover, the mica sheet for plywood is made of partially recycled elements, which makes mica sheet an environment-friendly element.

Flexibility and Versatility

Mica sheet is a highly versatile component. It can be used for insulating electronic appliances, for covering walls, floors, as well as furniture. So, no matter which places it may be – whether kitchen, living room or bedroom, these humble laminates can gel with any interiors.


Easy to maintain, scratch proof, waterproof, it is an ideal choice to pick mica sheet for plywood. Moreover, having a solid surface with zero pores, prevents bacteria attacks, thereby keeping the item durable for a longer period.

Make a Wise Choice

Considering its fame, there are numerous mica sheet manufacturers in India. Virgo Group is among the prominent names, which is renowned for its products and their quality. Not only do they present a vivid range of mica laminates to choose them, but the customers are also provisioned to check the same online in their catalog. Best quality, appropriate pricing are their top USPs!