March 22, 2019

Versatile Aluminium Is the Best

Aluminium Foil

Be It Aluminium Foil or Aluminium Coil or Aluminium in Any Other Form!

No wonder that Aluminium is known as the ‘wonder metal’ because of its malleability and tensile strength. Thus, is available in numerous textures, surface finishes, forms, and colors. In layman’s language, Aluminium is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything and everything, ranging from industrial and household use to packaging and therapeutic usage. You often come across this metal in day-to-day life; for example, the Aluminium coil that is widely used in electronics as Aluminium is a good conductor of electricity; or the Aluminium foil used as a wrapper that keeps your food warm. This metal is present almost everywhere. Aluminium coil comes in various configurations, sizes, and thicknesses, as per the particular requirement of a specific industry – be it the construction industry, the printing segment, the air-conditioning segment, the automobiles sector, or even the drawing products. There are a variety of thicknesses, tempering choices, and widths, which best-fit in multiple application areas like in the heavy electrical equipment, the maintenance tanks, the container packaging, the motor frames, or even in the tensile building materials.

Why is Aluminium So Popular?

  • The biggest reason that makes Aluminium so popular is that the metal can be easily shaped into anything that you want. Aluminium foil form a good source is heavy-duty, long-lasting, and environmentally safe.
  • Secondly, it is impervious to moisture; and thus, is rust-free or corrosion-free, which in other words means that it has a long shelf life and reduces renewal costs. Hence, when you use <Aluminium coil for bus cabins and bodies, it doesn’t rust. Besides, Aluminium is also impermeable to air, water and wind. Making use of these properties, the metal, when rolled out as Aluminium foil, is used as a radiation shield and heat exchange, among various other things.
  • Aluminium is also lightweight yet durable and requires minimal maintenance. These properties make it a popular choice among manufacturers across the world, who use it for a diverse range of applications, such as Aluminium coil for false ceilings paneling. In addition to this, Aluminium is electrostatic, which simply means that it does not attract dust or dirt. This also means that anything made up of Aluminium – be it Aluminium coil or foil – is easy to use and maintain.
  • The Aluminium coil or foil that you use can be totally and repeatedly recycled by simply re-melting it – thus, making it cost-effective over the long term. On average, around 40% of the secondary Aluminium is recycled.
  • Aluminium is non-toxic and there are no proven health hazards associated with this wonder metal.

Source It from the Right Source!

All the aforementioned properties have made Aluminium quite popular, and there has been an annual 5% increase in its consumption globally. There are several companies in India and abroad that offer quality Aluminium products, such as Aluminium coil, Aluminium sheet, Aluminium foil, etc. to meet the increasing demand of the industry. Virgo is one such company that provides an array of Aluminium coils, foils, sheets and other forms in different sizes, configurations, and thicknesses to cater to the specific needs of any industry.