May 25, 2019

ACP Sheet – A Moniker of Class, Signage and Innovation!
ACP sheet manufacturer in India
Aluminium Sheet

Whether it’s a building or a house, the first thing that catches our eye is the appearance. Moreover, each house speaks for itself; not by the words, but by the vibes & feel it spreads out. The kind of interior or exterior decoration one opts for speaks volumes about one’s personality.

Thus, the need for choosing the best material becomes paramount. However, herein, apart from the appeal, one more essential factor that is often left unheeded is the comfort that the elements offer. ACP sheet is a new-age material that has been increasing in popularity among interior designers and individuals.

ACP sheet, or popularly known as Aluminium Composite Panels, are the panels that are coated on both sides with aluminium sheets. In between to this is sandwiched polyethylene that renders it rigidity. There has been a considerable rise in the growth of many ACP sheet manufacturers in India with the growing demand for this ACP sheet, which is used for a myriad of reasons.

What Is the Advantage of Choosing the ACP Sheet?

  • One of the topmost advantages that make this humble material popular among people is its flexibility.
  • One can find a vivid range of designs, which is almost impossible to find in case of other materials.
  • Additionally, it is backed by multiple ranges of practical and technical advantages. Foremost, these aluminium composite panels are extremely lightweight, which makes it delightful to work with.
  • ACP sheet is highly durable, weather-resistant as well as stain-resistant. Being resistant to weather, the ACP sheet ensures durability for users to enjoy its benefits for years and years to come.

Cost Effective and Easy Installation

Any good ACP sheet manufacturer in India will provide the sheets in a variety of incredible designs. These are easy to install, and much durable. Durability is one factor that people look for when opting for a material. This falls true for choosing ACP sheet too. Once installed, they give long durability with no worries of getting it changed every 6 months. Moreover, you get a splendid range of sheet that comes in myriad of colours and textures. Thus, one can be free to nit-pick the choice that suits the interior perfectly without the need of wandering from pillar to post.

What Are the Features of the ACP Sheet?

Apart from the above-listed properties, ACP sheet offers a myriad of other advantages. These include the following:

  • UV resistant – Direct contact to sun and UV rays often leads to spoilage. However, covering your doors and window panels as well as walls with ACP sheet renders UV resistance, leaving no room for destruction.
  • Fungi resistant – With its rough rigid surface and zero pores, the ACP sheet makes an ideal choice for covering. This hardly allows any menace to be caused by termites, borer, and fungi
  • Chemical Resistant and easy to maintain – ACP sheet is resistant to chemicals as well as easy to clean & maintain.


All these factors have thereby led to high demand for ACP sheet manufacturers in India. Hence, in today’s time, one can find many ACP sheet manufacturers in India blooming across different states of the country.

Create Your Dream Paradise, Innovate and Watch in Awe

Virgo Group is a top-ranked ACP sheet manufacturer in India, which is renowned for the high-quality offerings. Virgo offers ACP sheet and products made for different verticals. Whether it’s for covering exteriors like canopy or façade or for interior application such as wall covering, wardrobes, furniture, modular kitchen, false selling, etc, you name it and they present the best material. Design and innovate your identity with signage and classy ACP sheet offerings.